Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Association for Arizona Process Servers!

We have very exciting news for all process servers in Arizona. A new association has been formed and its website launched the second week of December 2011. It's named the Arizona Association of Certified Process Servers (AACPS) and it plans on being the premier advocacy group for process servers in the State of Arizona.

It's an action-oriented Association that has already accomplished all this for you (from the new AACPS website bulletin board):
- Formed this action-oriented Association.
- Met at the Supreme Court and worked with Clerks of Court and judges around the state to secure new digital IDs for certified process servers statewide.
- Secured a pledge from the Supreme Court to mandate pre-examination training for certified process server candidates to further professionalize our community.
- Wrote new legislation for trespassing needed legislation.
- Wrote new legislation for HOA needed legislation.
- Wrote new legislation for assault upon a certified process server needed legislation.
- Wrote new legislation for four privacy statutes to protect your personal information from public access.
- Wrote the proposals for all this legislation.
- Secured legislators in both houses to sponsor all this new legislation.
- Presented this legislation to the sponsoring legislators for the January 11 legislative session.
- Established meaningful quarterly Association meetings.
- Established this very active website for members.
- Kept membership dues very low.
- Pledged to actively pursue the professionalization of our community.
- Pledged to be available via e-mail and other media to members.
- Pledged to be actively engaged with the courts.
- Pledged to be actively engaged with the legislature.
- Pledged to be actively engaged with law enforcement agencies and departments.
- Pledged to be actively seeking positive press.
- Provided meaningful and much-needed benefit access at a discount to our members.

That's proof positive that the association is working very hard for you and our professional community. Join us, and be an active part of this revolutionary change!